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NEW! SoCal Bajas Season 1 Full Quality DVD - See the group in action for the first time on DVD. Contains six official runs: Big Bear, Monache Meadows, Silverwood Circle, Calico Loop, Last Chance Canyon, and Mengel Pass. This video also contains exlusive bonus material from the Mojave Road Run, The San Bernardino Front Range Run, and even a little snippet from the Grinder that will make you chuckle. Over two hours of fun!

We ask for a $20.00 donation (including shipping) and we'll shoot you a copy. Each sale helps keep this site up and running.

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Web Videos:

Click on the title and enjoy the show! NOTE: We're currently in the process of moving these videos. Some may not be available at this time. Try them.
BIG BEAR RUN - This is a great video from our Big Bear II Run in August, 2008 - 18 minutes, and well worth the watch!!! Turn up the volume before you click!

MONACHE MEADOWS RUN - Another great video from our September, 2008 run - 16 minutes, and some really cool technical shots. Your volume is still up, right?

SILVERWOOD CIRCLE RUN - Here's a video of our great VW rock-crawling adventure from the October, 2008 run. This video features the largest number of cars of our members - 23 minutes. Again, your volume should be up to fully appreciate this one, too!

CALICO LOOP RUN - This is video footage or our 100 mile loop in the Bartsow & Calico Ghost town area on November, 2008. 20 minutes.

LAST CHANCE CANYON RUN - This is video footage of th roughest and most technical trip we've taken so far with the group. It was taken in Red Rock Canyon State Park, and covers both trips taken in January of 2009 to complete the journey. 20 minutes of awesome footage.