Membership Information

So you're wondering about how to get involved with SoCal Bajas,and become an official member?

We're pretty much an informal group of guys that get together and get a little dirty and have a little fun on a regular basis. There are no membership dues, no funny hats to wear to the meetings, and no initiation ceremonies. There's a couple of ways to get involved, and here's the basic low-down:

Send an email with your first and last name, your screen name (aka Avatar), what city you live in in Southern California, and your email address. If you would like to also have your information listed in our directory, you will need to send your phone number and cell number along as well. We update this list once a month or so and email it exclusively to those who wish to be involved. Otherwise, your personal information will remain confidential. We'd encourage you to purchase at least a t-shirt or two to help with the costs of this website and the other activities that we do, but it's not a requirment.

The email address that you can send this to is:

It's really pretty simple. The other way you can get involved is to come to a meeting or a run and talk to our other members about getting on the mailing list. Ultimately you'll need to send your info in to be included on our email list and stay informed. We usually send out one or two emails a month just to let everyone know what's going on with the club.