About SoCal Bajas

SoCal Bajas is a group of off-road enthusiasts who have VW-based off-road vehicles of all sorts and kinds. We welcome Baja Bugs, Things, Buggies, Manx's, Rails, even Busses, Squarebacks, Fastbacks, Ghias, and whatever else a creative VW off-road fabricator can come up with!
We have participating members from all over Southern California, and friends all over the world. Our members are based in all SoCal counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial Counties. We generally meet once a month in a centralized location for an informal meeting over dinner where we poke a little fun at each other, discuss upcoming club runs and ideas, talk about tech stuff, and the most fun part of it all, check out each other's cars. Our current meeting site is in the Diamond Bar area, where LA, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties all converge. Click on our Meetings link for info on the next one.
We also meet once per month for a "run", or at least try to. Why have an off-road car if you can't get it dirty regularly, right? Many of the runs we do are local to the area, and occasionally we go a little further away where we might need to make overnight arrangements. Being as fortunate as we are in the Southern California area, our weather permits us to go off-roading year-round. When it's too hot to go to the desert, we'll head for the local mountains. When it's too cold up there, we'll head back down to the flat ground. We try to plan our runs so we'll all have fun and we'll all be somewhat challenged in one way or another. We plan them so even the most stock vehicle will make it, but with obstacles and parts of the course that will challenge even the most experienced drivers in the most highly modified cars. We like to go fast, and we like to get dirty. We like technical challenges, and we like to enjoy nature and the spectacular scenery that Southern California has to offer. We enjoy one another's company, and all share a love for the Volkswagen based driving experience.
Often, we will make photo and video stops on our runs, and have even been known to stop along the way to find a geo-cache or two. We welcome family participation, and work together for a positive experience. One thing that we're committed to on our runs: we will leave no-one behind. In the event of a breakdown (and heaven knows that they happen), we all work together to make sure that the broken car gets home in one piece, and have fun doing it. That's not to say that you won't be the butt of the jokes for a while, and you may even get a photo of it posted somewhere, but hey... that's all part of the experience. There's nothing to worry about, though, it'll be soon enough before someone else breaks down and takes the heat off of you!
The only thing that we must also state about our runs, is that we emphasize the importance of being safe. We have a lot of fun out there, but we make every effort to keep it a safe and family friendly environment on our trail runs. In light of this, it is our policy that all alcohol be left behind when driving on our runs. After the run, if you want to have a beer, then so be it. That's not a problem with us. We just request that you drive responsibly when running with our group, as all of our saftey is at stake.

If this sounds like something that you want to try out, get on board and come along on the next one.

We'd love to have you!